02 January 2007

stupid, irresponsible tourist

Liquid paraffin frees woman
Oudtshoorn - Rescuers battled for 10 hours at the Cango Caves near Oudtshoorn to free an overweight woman who became stuck in a narrow passage, trapping 23 other tourists in the caves.

Overweight must be the first major understatement of 2007. I mean damn, 23 other people were trapped by that stupid cow's fat ass!

"The woman had been warned she was not suited for the route... She was told at the ticket office that she was too big to take part in the specific section.... The woman was extremely offended and laid a charge with management.

When you're told you're too big to walk through caves with narrow passages, you should listen. The people who work at the Caves know more about them than you do...

Well, I guess it's better to be humiliated than offended. I really hope these others photographed the ordeal and blogged it...

Fortunately, there was no damage to the caves. I really hope they start to get more strict about enforcing the rules regarding who can, and more importantly can not enter the caves...

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