02 July 2007

Madrid - more museums

The Prado report is out there. Here are the other museums we visited while in Madrid:

We went to La Reina Sofia on Saturday the 19th. Our primary reason for visiting was to see the Picasso and Dali exhibits (oh, and I like modern art in general, so I wanted to come here), but there were lots of other interesting things to see, including the works of Miro and Man Ray.

One of the more “memorable” (hah) exhibits was Jesús Rafael Soto’s Penetrable - an interactive piece of art (I don’t think it’s part of the permanent exhibit). It was an 8mX8m curtain of plastic "tentacles" (well, tubing) that you could walk through. Fun stuff. Kind of freaky. Another amusing one was a work of Carmen Calvo that was a canvas with lots of plaster bananas on it.

The Picassos are on the second floor of the museum. We saw Woman in blue of course, one of the most famous paintings in the museum (people were crowding around it as if it were La Gioconda), but we weren’t overly impressed…

Salvador Dali was one really weird character. I saw a lot of his stuff when I was at the Dali Museum in Figueres (near Barcelona) in 2003, and I even bought a book about him. It’s equally fascinating every time though. There is an incredible amount of details in each of his paintings. You have to spend a good amount of time in front of each painting, and you still don’t catch everything the first time.

Oh, and there was this freaky metronome on exhibit. I can’t forget to mention that ;-)

Oh, there are a few cool sculpture exhibits outside of the museum as well…

On our final day in Madrid, a rainy Sunday, we decided to go to some more museums as we had a late-ish flight and time to kill. We were pleasantly surprised to find out admission was free on Sundays... :-)

National Anthropology Museum. This museum is interesting, but very small. It took us less than an hour to go through the whole thing.

National Archaeological Museum.
This is an excellent museum with a lot of interesting, well-presented (aside from not being able to read the information in Spanish) exhibits. We could have spent hours here had we been a little less tired. Unfortunately, I didn’t write many notes about this place :-/

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