12 August 2007

Heathrow is hazardous to your health

(Still waiting for the rest of the Madrid report? I know, I'm sorry... anyway...)

This doesn't surprise me one bit. Heathrow is a piece of shit airport that should be avoided at all costs...

Heathrow is bad for your health
Holidaymakers flying out of Heathrow Airport suffer more stress than fighter pilots in action or police in riots.

Heartbeat rates soar to levels often higher than athletes' during a race. And blood pressure levels also hit danger levels, a medical study warns.

The cause... queues, unfriendly staff, lack of information, poor air and lack of basic facilities like toilets, says top neuropsychologist David Lewis.

Last month his research team wired up four people passing through Heathrow's Terminal 4 to test their stress levels. And the team found the experience is putting everyday passengers in grave danger. And Dr Lewis insists: "This is not alarmist but the result of in-depth research into what happens as people negotiate our overcrowded flagship airport."

Within minutes of entering Terminal 4, heartbeats increased from a healthy 55 per minute to more than 70 - and some even exceeded 200. Blood pressure levels rose from an average 123/81 to peaks of 170/99.

Dr Lewis said: "In trying to escape the stresses of life by going on holiday, we are harming our health."

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