15 August 2007

Drakensberg help!

We are trying to figure out what route to take for the Drakensberg and perhaps some of the battlefields in KwaZulu-Natal. Some alternatives are as shown on the map (you can click on it to make it bigger):

We start from Harrismith, and the purple indicates our main route. We'd like to make a stop in Royal Natal National Park; the orange indicates a possible side trip.

Red and blue are alternative routes between getting back to the main purple route. There would be another possible side trip (orange) to Lesotho (organized tour so no worries about the car).

We will have a car, but it will not be a 4X4. We are also fully aware that there are lots of interesting places to stop along the way :-)

So, to those in the know, how would you do this trip? That is, which alternatives? Are there any other alternatives?

How much time will we need from getting to one specific place to another (if you know this)?

Any recommended places to stay for the night (camping, backpacker dives, b&b, whatever)?

Any recommended things/places to see?

Any places to avoid?

How are the roads in the area?

Anything else we need to know?

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Anonymous said...

Hi there - the roads are perfectly fine and don't, as a rule, require a 4X4 for the region you intend visiting. A stop at the Royal Natal National Park is an absolute must and I'd recommend a few days stay there if your itinerary allows for it. You can always contact me via multiply or directly at trivago if I can be of assistance.
Happy travels!