02 September 2007

the world's best cities...

...according to Travel and Leisure Magazine:

1 Florence
2 Buenos Aires
3 Bangkok
4 Rome
5 Sydney
6 New York
7 Udaipur, India
8 Istanbul
9 San Francisco
10 Cape Town

Well, um, OK. Their opinion. Of the places I've actually been to on the list, I would rank Cape Town first, San Francisco second, and Bangkok third. New York wouldn't even be on my top 10 list, and I would actually take Bangkok out and put Chiang Mai in. That's just my opinion though...

What cites are your favorites?


BWJones said...


feitpingvin said...

In another discussion on this topic, a lot of people mentioned London, as with Paris.

I think London is OK, but it's too big and angry to fall into my top ten. I was in Paris ages ago... not sure it would be on my top ten either.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Why wouldn't New York be on your list? Just wondering: did you only go to Manhattan? New York has an incredible richness of neighborhoods.

I can't belive Paris isn't on the list.

James (New Yorker)

Anonymous said...

Here's my list of favorite cities. - James

Top 11:

Pusan, Korea
Mexico City
San Francisco
New York
Los Angeles

Honorable Mention:

Austin, Texas
San Antonio

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I forgot NEW ORLEANS. At least before Katrina, it was the most wonderful place. I think the hurricane has, implicity, changed how I think about it. Now I guess I think of it as an urban wasteland, even though I haven't been there since the hurricane, so I have little idea of what it's really like now. Anyway, at least before August 2005, it should be on everyone's top 10 list.

One more honorable mention: Las Vegas.

feitpingvin said...

Hi James!

I'm not too keen on New York because I find it too big, too polluted, and too angry. Kind of like London. I've been all around, not just Manhattan. I just don't care for it...

Anonymous said...

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